Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Andy had a great Father's Day this year. His best friends from TCU have been staying with us, and the guys went to see A-Team on Sunday night.
Here are some pictures from the morning when Audrey gave Daddy his present, another knife.... that looks an awful lot like one he already has, but what do I know :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

BIg Girl Bed

We have been blessed with a child who does not climb out of her crib, so we were not in a rush to switch her to a big girl bed. However, she'll be three next month, so it's time.
This was her reaction when she saw her new big girl bed.
She really likes it! I wanted to keep with the same color scheme of pinks, lime green and red mainly so I wouldn't have to buy new curtains. Her red curtains are black out curtains... and not cheap. Do you know how hard it is to find cute bedding with these colors that does not cost $200? Well, we did it... with a little help from "Aunt" Cindy.

Sorry for the wonky angle. Andy was trying to avoid the crib which was still in her room. We have some adjusting to do. We just put it together quickly last night, so she could sleep in it.

Not that easy getting into, but she can do it.

"Just my size." Well, times 2. We only got a double bed because we found the headboard first for only $50. The plan is for it to hold us over until Andy can make a headboard to match her dresser, so we were thrilled to find something inexpensive.

Ready for bed. She did not want the pillow or the blanket, but she'll get used to it.

The night was a success!!! She did not wake up, fall off or get out of bed. This morning, she woke us up with her typical call: "Mommy! Mommy?"I went to get her and she stood up in bed and shouted, I slept in my big girl bed!" She was so proud, and we are, too. Right now, she's taking her first nap in her bed. It has been successful, too.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a great year

Back in September, we sent this baby girl off to preschool:

And we got this beauty in return:

Today Audrey and her classmates sang, "If You're Happy and You Know It" during the end of the year ceremony. I'd post the video of it, but somehow she ended up behind the line of everyone else and could not be seen on the video. But she sang!!
After the chapel service, we went back to her classroom where her teachers gave her a certificate.

Mrs. Bedford and Mrs. Oxendine

Monday, April 19, 2010

House Painter

While I was putting on my make-up, this was happening in Audrey's room:

Did you see the empty white rack in the closet? That's where all the colored bins are SUPPOSED to be. Here's the story: Audrey comes into my bathroom and wants to "paint" with my make-up brushes. Not a good idea because make-up will get on the walls. So I say, "Go look in your room for something to paint with." She comes back and says she needs "paint cup." I say, "Go look in your room for something to put paint in." My clever little painter found LOTS of containers to put paint in!!! After dipping her light stick/paintbrush in a few colors, she would then "paint" her closet door. And the camo hat made a perfect painter's hat, too!! I just adore this little girl and her amazing mind. 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

*** This is my 5th post today, so scroll down to "Meet BearTeam" for the first of today's posts.***

Audrey woke up to find a trail of eggs leading to her basket.

Yes, you saw 2 chocolate bunnies. Actually, there's another one in the living room. Daddy for some reason thought I might not have gotten Audrey a chocolate bunny, so he bought one for her and for me. Silly man, I'm the Momma..... I won't forget to fill the basket.

We squeezed in a little more chocolate with storytime just before nap. Two books later, her hands melted a hole through the bunny.

We went out to lunch after church and tonight we're grilling hot dogs. Since we can't be with our family and the Wynnes are out of town, we decided to forgo all tradition so I wouldn't be sad. But then the preacher mentioned deviled eggs...... boo hoo. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter filled with renewed hope because the Savior is more powerful than the death our sin required.

Coloring Eggs

I told Audrey it was time to color eggs, so she got out her crayons. I giggled and said, "Baby, we're not gonna color them with crayons." And she said, "Markers?"

Pre-Easter Photo Shoot

I confess: Audrey's wearing last year's Easter dress.... for several reasons. First, I am VERY picky when it comes to Easter and Christmas dresses. Can't explain it, but most of the ones in stores just won't do. I start my search as soon as the first seasonal dresses hit the stores. This year's search was not good because nothing could top last year's dress. That got me thinking.... we were rushing to church last year and did not get any great pictures of Audrey in this fantastic dress. (By the way, Andy came home from deployment exactly a year ago today... YAY!) And she will not see anybody this year that saw her last year since we are in a new state, so why not wear it again? But this time, I want great pictures. So we did a photo shoot yesterday in our neighborhood.... and oh, we are sooooo happy. You'll see why.

Here she's calling the horses to come over. The were nowhere to be seen, but still.... "Horsey!!"

blowing kisses

Just for fun!